Emerging media — a social media beast

Before we can talk about emerging media, first we have to understand what it is.

Emerging media encompasses the ever-evolving world of media in today’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) landscape. Advertisers, public relations professionals, marketers, communication specialists and brand executives are constantly adjusting to keep abreast of the changing way consumers are engaging with one another and the brands they purchase.

One of the biggest, constantly changing forms of emerging media is social media. Brian Solis and and Jesse Thomas developed the conversation prism to offer a detailed overview of the emerging world of social networks:

The Conversation Prism was developed by Brian Solis and  Jesse Thomas.

As you can see, there are hundreds of networks out there, but they don’t all have the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. The challenge falls to IMC professionals to figure out which of these emerging social media networks is being used by their target audience.

Social media is the current king of the emerging media playground. Although social media has passed the novelty stage, it is still an emerging area for IMC. A study by Adobe found that most marketing professionals say social media marketing is what they are most concerned about for the next three years.

Based on that analysis, Social Media Today listed its annual top 5 social media trends to watch for in 2014. Predicted emerging social media trends for the upcoming year are:

  1. Facebook will decline, Twitter will gain popularity
  2. Snapchat marketing
  3. Google+ popularity
  4. Collaborative economy becomes mainstream
  5. Video, video, video

As with anything, these are just predictions, and anything is really possible. While these are the most likely areas to emerge over the next 12 months, social networks that we’re not even aware of yet could surprise us all.

I’ll go more in depth into each of these trends, and how marketers can capitalize on them, in future posts, so check back.


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